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2785 E. Russell Rd, STE C.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89120 USA
Toll Free: +1-888-686-9378
Main Tel: +1-702-270-2704
Main Fax: +1-702-270-2705
Salt Lake City - Operations Hub
SLC Tel: 1-801-487-4567
SLC Fax: 1-801-487-4574

Equipment Costs

Equipment Costs-Receivers/Transmitters:
Receiver with Headphones: $6.00/day
Tour Guide Transmitter: $100.00/day
Table Top Transmitter: $150.00/day
Equipment Costs-Booths/Interpreter Unit:
Table Top Booth(Half Booth): $150.00/day
IC-2 Control System: $150.00/day
Full Booth: $500.00/day
Bundle Prices-
(Everything You'll Need for Events):
Tour Guide Bundle: $100.00 + # of Receivers
Basic Package: $150.00 + # of Receivers
Table Top Booth Bundle: $450.00 + # of Receivers
Full Booth Bundle: $850.00 + # of Receivers

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