Destination Management

MWT can manage most aspects of your event including hotel room blocks,
event shuttles, airport transfers, VIP transportation, private security
multilingual staffing or guides, optional tours, unique meeting venues,
interpretation services, and registration websites.

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Event Transportation Management

We are the transportation management company for several Fortune 1000 companies. We will handle every detail for your movements whether it's 30,000 people for a general session, or 100 people for a corporate tour.

We handle everything for you including all the buses, drivers, staffing, permits, police traffic control, mass gathering permits, road closure permits, driver training, line control, and all the staffing.

Just tell us how many people and where we need to get them. We will take care of everything else.

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Interpretation Services

Interpretation equipment rental including Tabletop or Full Booths, FM Transmitters,
FM Receivers, Dual Interpreter Consoles, Portable Tour Guide units, and more.

We regularly provide simultaneous interpreters in Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, and Farsi

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Incentive Trip Management

We organize every detail of your domestic or international incentive trip including hotels, transportation, group activities, special banquets, service projects, registration, name badges, group and local gifts. Our trips are designed to provide maximum bang for your buck so the post event word of mouth marketing continues on.

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Our Featured Destinations

Complete Destination Management

We would like you to begin and end your shopping around with us. Since 1992, we have handled over 100,000 people! This includes our services for transportation management, interpretation services, destination management, and local or overseas incentive trips.

MWT is a hybrid Event Management and Group Tour Operator combined into one fantastic DMC. This means that we understand how to plan the routes, itineraries, logistics time lines for every aspect of your event or convention. We could list a number of cities that we do work in, but to be true to ourselves, we focus on cities where we can be your biggest support due to our solid experience. These cities are Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, New York City, Chicago, Honolulu, Maui, Phoenix, Tokyo, Seoul, Phuket, Kyoto, Osaka, Fiji, Guam, Paris, Rome, and Dusseldorf.

Transportation and Event Staffing

Multilingual Staffing
We provide staffing in most languages for meet and greet, hotel check in, special event, tour desks.

Multilingual Guides
We arrange local staff for guides, airport transfers, tours. We can arrange to match any language at your event including Japanese, Korea, Mandarin, Farsi or Spanish

Safety Staff
Conventions and Trade shows, Large Public Events and Festivals, Golf Tournaments, City Wide Conventions.

Hotel Shuttle Staff
Our trained hotel transportation staff will ensure your guests safely and orderly load the shuttles and no one is left wondering about the next bus

We regularly manage the following

    Transportation Management

  • Complete transportation, Airport Shuttles, Convention Center Shuttles, hotel shuttles, VIP transfers, multilingual staff.
  • Group Transportation: Airport Transfers, convention center or event shuttles, corporate tours
  • Corporate Tours: To and from corporate office and warehouse.
  • Multilingual Staff/Guides: English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and more!

    Interpretation Services

  • Simultaneous interpreters for your conference. Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Farsi.
  • Equipment rental: FM Transmitters, FM Receivers, Full Booth, Half Table Top Booth, Control unit
  • Technicians: Experienced technicians to install, manage, and monitor all equipment. Immediate troubleshooting when things go wrong.
  • Long range equipment setup in the major venues.

    Destination Management

  • Group Tours: City Highlights, nature tours
  • Meetings: Meetings or banquets in hotels or the convention center.
  • Exhibitions: Booth rental, stanchions, greeters, staff.
  • Incentives trips: Plan the perfect incentive trip
  • Interpretation
  • Setup Support
  • Equipment

Interpretation Equipment Rental

Interpretation Equipment Rental may seem like a technically challenging task. We make it easy for you. Interpretation is often secondary to an events objective, but for those attending it becomes a primary need.

We will listen patiently to your needs, and then recommend the best solution that fits your budget. And no worries, we can change things along the way. We will always recommend the least expensive option first, and then allow you to select what additional equipment you need to meet your objectives

On site or by Skype/Face Time

We have experienced technicians that will setup all of the interpretation equipment necessary for a stress-free event. They will adjust the frequency for the clearest reception, troubleshoot when there is bleeding between channels, and stay through to the end.

Do you have a tight budget, and need to try one of our self setup packages? Don't worry, we will still help you along. We will schedule a time once you're on site at your venue. You can call in via Face Time or Skype, and we will help you setup as if we were standing next to you. We've done this for dozens of events with great success

Equipment Rental Options

  • Fully Enclosed or Tabletop Half Booth
  • FM Tabletop Transmitter - 17 unique channels
  • FM Portable Tour Guide Transmitter - 17 unique channels
  • Control Unit for two interpreters
  • 17 Channel FM Receivers
  • On site or Telephone Setup Support

Complete Transportation Management

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