Interpretation Services

Let us take care of all of your needs to provide simultaneous interpretation for your event or group.
We will come prepared with all of your equipment including a tabletop booth or fully-enclosed booth,
FM Transmitters, FM receivers, and IC2 control unit.

We regularly provide interpreters for Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, and Farsi.

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Interpretation Equipment

Modern and high-quality equipment. We utilize the best in the Williams Sound equipment line that provides reliable and clean sound every time.
We will provide all of the equipment for you to live feed your presentation to the interpreters to create a seamless interpretation event.

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Equipment for Large Groups

We have interpretation equipment that can accommodate your large groups in a large conference center, stadium, or church.

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Interpreters and Technicians

We have experienced interpreters and translators for major languages including Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Spanish and Farsi.
Our on site technicians will ensure all of the equipment operates smoothly, and troubleshoot when interference occurs.
Your attendees will experience a perfectly translated event. Leave the behind the scenes work to us.

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Interpretation Services

Interpreter Booths
Fully enclosed or Tabletop Half Booths. Fully enclosed booths are great for large events where multiple languages will be interpreting at the same time. Tabletop Half Booths are the ideal option for quick setup and inexpensive sound dampening.

FM Receivers and Headphones
FM Receivers are the solution for large scale events with multiple languages. We can operate approximately six languages with our 17 channel FM Receivers.

Simultaneous Interpreters
Professional Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreters. We specialize in Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Spanish and Farsi interpretation. We can arrange other languages with advanced notice.

Interpretation Equipment Rental

Our translation equipment and team are here to help in any situation that you may encounter from small board meetings to company conferences of up to 5,400 people. We also are able to work alongside other translation companies to fit your needs. Our whole goal is to provide quality translation communication but minimize the cost of your next event.

If you are hosting an event with multilingual attendees, professional translation equipment is a necessity. We provide the best and latest in translation equipment, as well as on-site technicians to help with setup, troubleshooting, and will assist with and monitor sound control for the duration of the event.

Instant Pricing

"Do it Yourself" Package
Includes T45 Transmitter, Translator Microphone, and equipment instructions. Video call available to aid in setup.
Package Price: USD$150.00 + USD$6.00 per receiver + Shipping and Handling

Tour Guide Package
Includes T46 Hand-held Transmitter, Lapel Microphone, and equipment instructions. Video call available to aid in setup.
Package Price: USD$100.00 + USD$6.00 per receiver + Shipping and Handling

Table Top Booth Bundle
Includes T45 Transmitter, IC-2 Interpreter Console, 2 Translator Microphones, Table Top Sound Proofing Booth, and equipment instructions. Video call available to aid in setup.
Package Price: USD$450.00 + USD$6.00 per receiver + Shipping and Handling

Full Booth Bundle
Includes T45 Transmitter, IC-2 Interpreter Console, 2 Translator Microphones, Sound Proofing Full Size Booth, and equipment instructions. Video call available to aid in setup.
Package Price: USD$850.00 + USD$6.00 per receiver + Shipping and Handling

FM Transmitter

State of the art Williams Sound and Listen Technology Transmitters. 20 Wide Band Frequencies 72.1 MHz - 75.8 MHz. 40 Narrow Bad Frequencies 72.025 MHz - 75.375 MHz.

FM Receivers

17 Channel Mode FM Receivers. High quality, clean sound, and multi channel options. We can provide receivers for small groups or groups as large as 4200 people. Batteries and headsets are included free!!

Portable Tour Guide Transmitter

17 Channel Mode FM Transmitter. Regularly used within convention centers while walking around with a group, within tour buses for multi-language, and also in outdoor settings where the group needs to hear the guide. Microphone included free with rental!

IC-2 Control System

The IC-2 Control system allows for two or more simultaneous interpreters to rotate easily and without interruption. While interpreting staged events, interpreters typically need to rotate every 15 minutes to keep fresh. This system allows for easy rotation with the touch of a button. Includes two professional headset microphones free!

Portable Table Top Booth

Sound absorbing portable table top booth with large viewing area. Well constructed to absorb sound to minimize sound distraction.

Head Phones

We provide easy to use and comfortable ear phones that allow the attendees to focus on the presentation without being distracted by bulky head sets. Included with the rental are the deluxe over the ear single headset.

On Site Technician, Audio Engineer

Our experienced installation and audio technicians will ensure that the best sound quality for the listeners is obtained. This requires extensive on site testing, channel modifications, and troubleshooting.

Distribution Staff

For small and very large events, our multi-language staff will assist your guests with completing the simple rental form, distributing the pre-tested equipment, and then ensuring that all the equipment is returned in proper working condition.

  • Interpretation
  • Setup Support
  • Equipment

Interpretation Equipment Rental

Interpretation Equipment Rental may seem like a technically challenging task. We make it easy for you and have the heart of a teacher. We will listen patiently to your needs, and then recommend the best solution that fits your budget. And no worries, we can change things along the way. Give us a call!.

On site or by Skype/Face Time

We have experienced technicians that will setup all of the interpretation equipment necessary for a stress-free event. They will adjust the frequency for the clearest reception, troubleshoot when there is bleeding between channels, and stay through to the end.

Do you have a tight budget, and need to try one of our self setup packages? Don't worry, we will still help you along. We will schedule a time once you're on site at your venue. You can call in via Face Time or Skype, and we will help you setup as if we were standing next to you. We've done this for dozens of events with great success

We have the right equipment for your
international attendees

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