Transportation Management

Experienced transportation management professionals. We can manage your shuttle systems for your event, large simultaneous group movements from a major venue, shuttles between the hotel and convention center, and large scale evacuation movements. We are efficient, cost effective, and always within budget.

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Large Group Shuttles

We have been doing this a very long time, and experts at knowing what it takes to move your large group efficiently and orderly. Our systems have been refined so that we can move 800 people every 8 minutes, or up to 30,000 people every hour. Our experience since 1992 has has provided us with the expertise necessary to plan, prepare, and execute impressive group movements.

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Experienced Transportation Staff

Our team of experts takes care of all of the needs in order to safely and efficiently move your group. Our operations staff will take care of all of the street permits, mass gathering permits, and road closure permits. Our on site transportation staff will greet your groups, provide line control, direct the buses, and count them off to quickly load without delays.

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Transportation Management Services

Large Group Shuttles

Complete shuttle management for your event, convention, concert, or emergency evacuation

  • Convention Center to Hotels
  • Airport to Hotels
  • Concert or Special Events
  • Group Tours
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Carnivals, Festivals
Ground Logistics

We handle everything so you don't have to.

  • Traffic Planning and Alternate Routing
  • Efficient Loading Zones (Capacity of 1400 people every 8 Minutes - 30,000/hour From Single Location)
  • ADA and VIP Transportation
  • Gated lines, tenting, water stations, cones
  • Safety director, directional staff, line control
  • Local traffic permits, DOT permits, police traffic support
Great Prices and Excellent Service

"Great price!" is what our clients say when our quotes are submitted. "Impressive" is what they say about how well we managed everything.

  • Volume is how we achieve great prices
  • Fair and reasonable with our transportation partners
  • Generous with our drivers and support staff
  • Flexible with changes
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Experienced with the unexpected

Experienced Large Group Transportation Management

Transportation management is our area of expertise. Since 1992, we have handled hundreds of events from a few hundred people to tens of thousands. We can move 30,000 people per hour with our proprietary logistics systems and crowd control capabilities. If you are an event planner, we are the one-stop solution for planning and organizing your large group movements. We become an extension to your team and take care of all of the behind-the-scenes planning. This includes obtaining the proper permits and paperwork for mass gathering, road closures, early road closure announcements, police traffic control, and necessary Department of Transportation insurance. If you are a government procurement manager, we are the authorized and highly rated transportation management company fulfilling all necessary US government requirements.

MWT is dedicated to providing incredible service for every client along the spectrum of transportation needs. From incentives to roadshows, from corporate events to local festivals, from government and military charters to tour operations, we have you covered. We'll work with your event planner to create a plan for loading, transferring, and unloading any number of passengers, while always keeping your budget in mind.

We regularly handle events in Chicago, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Miami, Los Angeles, Orlando, New York City, San Francisco, Honolulu, Maui, and Phoenix, and have a long resume of handling events in almost every major city in the US. Internationally, we have also managed transportation for events in Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, Fiji, Italy, Korea, and France. Our Convention and Visitor's Bureaus and and corporate clients have come to rely on our consistent level of smooth-running transportation.

Complete Transportation Management

Complete Staffing. We specialize in designing, planning and executing transportation programs for trade shows and conventions.

Line Control and Orderly Crowd Control. Total convention transportation management including airport meet and greet, airport shuttles, convention shuttles, hotel shuttles, and multi-lingual staffing.

Large Scale Movements. We become an extension to your event planner by handling the transportation logistics that are best done by a local professional.

Emergency Evacuation Services. Providing city, state and federal transportation management for training exercises or actual large scale evacuations.

Event Shuttle Buses

We will design your event shuttle system to efficiently and orderly move your attendees. We plan everything including the passenger pickup areas, bus routes, driving routes, police traffic control, permits, driver training, and all the staffing. We can smoothly move up to 30,000 people per hour!

Airport Shuttles

After a long flight, a cheerful welcome at the airport sets a great tone for the entire event. Yes, first impressions do matter! We will organize a shuttle system that includes fresh and happy staff to greet your guests, direct them to the shuttle loading zone, and then get them to the correct property with little to no waiting time.

Shuttle Staff - Multilingual

Our staff ensure the vehicles arrive on time into the staging area, and then safely and orderly load and unload groups.

VIP Transportation

If you need to move your VIPs in an extra special way, we can take care of that. We arrange Sedans, Limousines, Luxury sports cars, and more!

Hotel Shuttles

We will organize a shuttle route to efficiently pick up your guests and get them to the hotel with the least amount of wait time. Regular shuttle system from hotels to convention center, sports arena, race track.

Dine Around Shuttles

If you need to move hundreds of people to restaurants all around, we will create an efficient system to get your people in and out with no waiting.

Public Events & Festivals

Shuttle from designated parking lots to event venue.

Emergency Evacuations

We are experienced with coordinating large scale evacuations, off line/non-cell tower communications, emergency transportation management.

Transportation and Event Staffing

Multi language Staffing
We provide staffing in most languages for meet and greet, hotel check in, special event, tour desks.

Overseas Staffing
We arrange local staff for guides, airport transfers, tours. We can arrange to match any language at your event including Japanese, Korea, Mandarin, Farsi or Spanish

Safety Staff
Conventions and Trade shows, Large Public Events and Festivals, Golf Tournaments, City Wide Conventions.

Hotel Shuttle Staff
Our trained hotel transportation staff will ensure your guests safely and orderly load the shuttles and no one is left wondering about the next bus

Large Group Transportation
Made Simple

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